Public Safety, Security & Intelligence

Some of the fastest growing careers are in safety and security. These learning program prepare you to take the lead in this dynamic occupation.

Bellevue University career-relevant bachelor's degrees build your success in three ways:

  1. Professional Networking
    When you enroll, you join a group of motivated professionals like you; people on the same degree track who go through the entire program course-by-course with you. You share experiences and perspectives with them — and you form professional bonds.
  2. Success Prep
    The foundation of these degrees is a course that gives you essential skills for academic and professional success.
  3. Career Growth
    Professionals in the industry support our design and development of our degree majors, so they stay current and relevant to career growth.

Available Degrees

Your Path to Leadership

Mastery of your field is required for advancement. That's why moving into a leadership position often requires knowledge and abilities that come from graduate-level education. Bellevue University master's degrees are designed to give you that knowledge and ability. And they are current and relevant for the real world today.

Designed for Working Professionals

Bellevue University master's degrees are designed to combine cutting-edge field knowledge with skills you can immediately apply to your work. Plus, working professionals appreciate how easy it is to apply for a master's degree at Bellevue University:

  1. Your only admission requirements are a completed application and satisfactory completion of a bachelor's degree. No standardized admissions test (like GMAT or GRE) are required.
  2. You may be able to transfer up to six graduate-level college credits into these featured master's degree programs (with at least a 3.0 GPA).
  3. Select from the career-relevant master's degrees listed on the left.

Available Degrees

SHORT course, LONG impact.

Certificates of Completion are short learning programs that concentrate on specific career-relevant knowledge and skills. Our working professionals love them because most can be completed in a very short time frame and they're affordable.

Another big advantage of these certificates is that they all carry college credit with them — so you can apply the credit you earn with a certificate to your college degree!

All listed certificates are graduate level certificates and can be applied toward a master's degree at Bellevue University.

Available Certificates

Your Experience Counts

Bellevue University welcomes the college-level learning you already have and will count it toward your degree. Take advantage of the credits you have. Save time and money.

Real Learning for Real Life

Tracy Zamora graduated from Bellevue University through her employer's partnership with Bellevue University. Now, she directly applies the knowledge and skills she earned from her BS in Behavioral Science to her role. Her colleagues notice and she's their go-to for advice.